mSpy Software for Non-Jailbroken iOS Devices Is Now Available!


mspy software without jailbreaking iphone ipad

Looking for a solution to monitor your kids’ iOS devices without jailbreaking? Want your child to be able to access information from and across the entire world from the comfort of their rooms without making them vulnerable?

You’ve come to the right place.

Latest: Jan 2016

This is my review on mSpy technology that is an ultimate and reliable solution, worth the money spent. By installing mSpy technology onto the device of your child, you can give your child an invisible armour.

All you need pre-installation, is the Apple ID and password of your child in order to gain access to the iOS devices in possession of your child.

Your child has an iOS device that isn’t jail broken and you fear it can’t be monitored without jail-breaking it your child finding out? That is not true.

The mSpy software for non-jailbroken iOS devices is now available. This means that even if your device is not jail-broken, you can still monitor it easily without having to jail-break it.

But why would you need a software such as mSpy to monitor non-jailbroken iOS devices? Well, read on.

Is your child safe online?

The first question that pops into one’s mind is, how is my family/child not secure? To start off, you have given your child complete liberty to use their devices without any questions asked. Even if you do try questioning them, it ends up being useless. As you give them this freedom, they will succumb to human nature and eventually misuse it.


The benefits that come with the software

They can use their devices to access everything such as adult applications, adult websites, inappropriate forums, drug stores, malicious applications, cyber bullying and all sorts of explicit content available online. This does not mean that your child is a wrong-doer; but simply put, children are curious and naïve.

This is where mSpy comes in and helps you monitor your child through his/her iOS device without having to physically touch it.

Before you become aware of the features mSpy gives, know that it does not let you monitor the instant messengers of your target device if the device is not jail broke.



The standard version for jail broken devices however has this feature along with the following also included in the non-jailbreak version:

  • Contacts: - View the contacts stored on your monitored device
  • Call Logs: - View all call logs i.e sent and received calls on an iOS device
  • Text Messages: – Read all the content of text messages including sent and received
  • Website History: - See all the websites your child is visiting on his iPhone iPad/iPod touch
  • Calendar, Notes and Tasks: - All information about calendar, notes and tasks
  • Skype Activity: - Monitor Skype chat and calls on iOS devices

For a list of features you should visit their website here

How do I start monitoring my target devices?

In three easy steps, you can hop on to the mSpy software for non-jailbreak iOS devices:

  1. You need to obtain credentials form iCloud for the device to monitor it without having to jail break it. There is a chance that you will have to physically access the device to turn iCloud backup on if it is switched off
  2. Go through the website and select the kind of package/features that you want to use to monitor your target device
  3. Login to the control panel of mSpy after filling in the required data in the wizard to be able to start monitoring



  • 1 month    $29.99
  • 3 months   $59.99
  • 12 months   $99.99


Before making the purchase, know that this software is used for legal purposes only and will be issued by signing onto its terms and agreements before using it to monitor the device of your child.

And there you have it. This way you can easily monitor the iOS device of your child without having to jail break it and without arousing suspicion.

Summing up:

All in all the mSpy non-jailbroken software for iOS devices lets you easily supervise any mobile device activity, monitor the use of a device without jail breaking it and mSpy gives you total security and safety. 

You can Visit mSpy Website here >>