9 Reasons Why A Woman Might Cheat In A Relationship


Why women cheat

Stereotypically, men are notorious for having straying eyes and the impulse to start off affairs with multiple partners, but when it comes to cheating, the sexes are more equally ranked than we’d think.

Indiana University conducted a study in the 1990s, reporting 10-15 % of women being unfaithful. A 2011 follow-up study showed it’s risen to 19 %. So why is the gender gap between unfaithful spouses closing?

Why do women cheat? To get the answers, read on!


1. Going Through a Transition

Major changes in your lady’s life can disturb her and prompt an impulsive desire to find someone else to divert her attention. That explains why women can cheat at any point in their lives. Transitioning events like graduating, turning older, losing a parent, advancing their career or upgrading a relationship status can cause them to become introspective.

Even if it’s a welcome change that she wants, such as getting engaged and an affair can prove to be a diversion.


2. She Doesn’t Feel Adequately Appreciated

We all seek an emotional connection with our partners. Women are just a little more sensitive, they want you to notice and appreciate them, take pride in their achievements. So as soon as women meet someone who kindles the missing spark, they start making an emotional connection with that person and seek companionship with them.


3. She Sees Your Relationship Ending

If your relationship is in the lows then you need to watch out and either get it back up or end it for good without heartbreak. Often women try to find someone else to fall back on when they feel that a relationship is on the outs.

If she is deliberating the breakup, she might want to experience being out of it and gauging if she’s ready to end things with you and move on or if she’s still too attached to you. It might also be a means to end, if she wants you to find out and give her a clean break – avoiding a messy breakup perhaps?


See also: How Can I Track My Wife’s Phone


4. She’s Not that Happy with You

Laughter is a fundamental element in good, healthy relationship buts often gets overlooked and when you don’t laugh, you don’t love. It means your relationship is not a happy one.

Women can only stand that for so long before they try to find their happiness elsewhere. Just a few girls’ nights out can’t fix it. They’re in a relationship because they need a man who makes them happy.

So a coworker or friend, that they have a good time with can suddenly remind them of what’s missing in their own relationship but they’re not ready to end things with you so they can start a short fling just for the thrill of it.


5. Your Personal Life isn’t Spicy

Men aren’t the only ones who need excitement in the bedroom. Women also need to feel desired! If they begin to feel a sexual void they’ll try to fill it up with trysts outside of your relationship.

Women often compare their love life at home to that of their friends and when they hear about their exciting ventures they feel the need to spice things up.

If you’re opposed to trying new things or unable to realize that your woman isn’t happy with the way things are, you’ll never be able to make amends. And that will lead to her finding that satisfaction with someone more uninhibited.


6. She’s Emotionally Vulnerable

If your woman is already upset or going through an emotionally turbulent phase, particularly because of the lows in your relationship she’s likely to go astray.

A couple of compliments, flirty touches and sweet talk from another guy at the right time and she’ll be drawn to him enough to start questioning her relationship with you.


7. Revenge

If you’ve had a few naughty experiences on a couple of drunken nights out with your boys, or a short fling with an ex, etc your woman might cheat on you to just get back.


8. She’s Tired of Fixing You

She hates a habit of yours and you never change. She meets someone who’s perfect like that and becomes automatically attracted to him.


9. Gold Digger

She loves your money more than she likes you. She will obviously move on to a better opportunity.

Now you know why women cheat, according to them. So make sure you catch her cheating with the cheating girlfriend/wife app before your relationship is in the ruins.



Have ever your woman cheated on you? What were the reasons? We’d love to hear more reasons from you!

So why a woman cheats in a relationship in your opinion?


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5 Ways to Catch your Girlfriend Cheating on You


Ways to catch your girlfriend cheating on you

Another date called off? Is your girlfriend always busy texting or making calls with “friends”? Do you feel as if all of a sudden your fairy tale relationship has taken an unwarranted ugly twist which is nerve racking and taking a toll on you? Do you smell something fishy? Then there is no reason to ignore your gut feelings.

Validate your feelings by letting us help you to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Relationships are like mirrors, that once cracked do not stand the test of time and eventually break away. Nobody deserves to be treated as a doormat and if at any point in time if you feel like one, best is to confront your girlfriend.


However, confrontation is tough; more so if you do not have solid evidence.

# 1: Show up at her place unexpectedly

Did she call up to cancel the dinner saying her mother not well? Well grab your car keys and drop in to ask about her parents. Assess how she reacts upon seeing you there i.e. if she is even at home. If she is reluctant to let you in or worse she is not even home and you are greeted by a perfectly well and healthy mother then there is definitely something wrong somewhere.

You can either stay around and wait for her to return or walk off and let her give you an explanation.


# 2: Confront her

If such anomaly in her behavior has become more frequent and is quite distressing for you, then simply confront her. Stop beating around the bush and playing mind games.

Suggest a private time together and tell her very firmly that you need to discuss important stuff so that she does not try to talk herself out of it.

This is not a very reliable option since all the crying and “you do not trust me” rants make it difficult to come to a conclusion. For this one has to be really mature and emotionally strong to carry through the conversation.


#3: Hire an investigator

Confrontation and stalking around are both quite a difficult options. Though less expensive, they are both time consuming and emotionally draining. To get a neutral perspective and solid evidence, hire a personal investigator. This way you have almost nil possibility of getting caught and getting embarrassed.


#4: Set up a profile on social networking site (fake recommended)

Nowadays it is very easy to setup multiple fake profiles on Facebook and other dating websites. Simply create a fake email account and upload a complete profile along with an extremely handsome picture. Add your girlfriend and see how she responds.

If she adds the stranger and flirts back you can always confront her.

Again, this is not a very feasible option. When she finds out you suspected her the things will turn against you.


#5: Tap into her cell phone without her knowing

Yes, go through her phone and other smart gadgets to tap into her schedules, Find out who she is talking to, about what and for how long? All this needs to be done in a highly discreet manner and with precision, No it’s not easy but again it is not even impossible.

Get your hands on Stealthgenie – a truly undetectable phone spyware with 1,000,000+ satisfied customers that not only lets you tap into active phone calls but gives you all the data on your own personal computer. Of all the options discussed above, this is the best solution to dispel all doubts.


How does this phone spy software work?

This phone spyware I am recommending here is super easy to install on the phone you want to monitor. This user friendly spyware never discloses your identity and works on a stealth mode i.e. it can never be found by the one being monitored.

It gives access to all the messages, call logs and physical location of the user.


So no matter how much your girlfriend avoids you, lies to you or is evasive about her activities, Stealthgenie lets you know it all. So even if she deletes all the messages and pictures, clears call logs and browser history, this spyware will remotely give you all the records on your personal online account.

You can access it from anywhere in the world making it super easy for you to monitor and catch if your girlfriend is cheating or not.


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No amount of questioning, crying or making false promises will ever dispel your doubts. Even if you have the slightest of doubt and sense your girlfriend’s interest in everything and everybody except you, do not waste a second.

Follow your intuition and get concrete evidence by using Stealthgenie.


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Benefits of Spy Apps for Employers and Parents


Benefits of Spy Apps

The rapid increase in the market of phone spyware can be attributed to, none other than, a natural desire to monitor the usage your gadgets are being put to. This allows a complete control over all the functions of the smartphones or tablets. For business as well as for persona usage like parental monitoring, these spyware are heaven sent.

What makes these spying apps so popular?? Let’s have an overview of the numerous benefits of these apps.


For Employers

For corporate usage, these spy apps can be utilized to keep all the employers under strict check for the misuse of company’s devices.

Studies indicate that employees are prone to getting distracted during office hours, surfing the internet uselessly for hours, wasting the valuable productivity time period of the company. Unauthorized calls, messages and internet browsing can be supervised discretely and will, ultimately, help make the company environment better.

Installation of the reliable spyware app on the company’s devices can greatly reduce the cost of surveillance technology employed to keep the employees under check.


The risk of your company’s devices from going into the wrong hands and subsequent exposure of outsiders to sensitive company’s data can also be minimized with the installation of such apps. They will allow remote GPS monitoring, enabling you to recover your misplaced devices within no time at all.

The sense of security that comes with these spying apps is second to none. These spying apps can be used to create a backup of the valuable data too and in case an accident leads to wiping out of all the precious information, the backup of the files and folders can save a company from going down the drain.


employee monitoring software

In addition to that, these apps can also help corporate owners fish out the black sheep who run fraudulent schemes, exchanging valuable company information with the competitors and hence, can keep their information from getting leaked. Underlings who use company’s devices for personal use can also be detained from such abuse of company’s resources.

In the long run, the increase in the efficiency of employees can benefit the company profits.


For Parents

The access of the teenagers to the cellphones and other such devices as well as the internet, and the alarming increase in the rate at which these devices have become a part of our lives certainly calls for apps that will be able to monitor the use and misuse of these gadgets.

For parents, the spying apps have proved to be a blessing in disguise for they can avoid the face-to-face confrontation situations with their kids as well as keep an eye over their kids’ activities from a distance. The right of “space” demanded by the youth now days is longer an issue as parents can monitor them from the sidelines with such apps.


The abuse of gadgets is more common among teenagers as compared to a positive usage. The access of teenagers to a horde of social media sites has linked them to people from all around the globe at an age where they are unable to comprehend what communicating with a stranger might lead to. Bullying, blackmailing and social media harassing have, naturally, ensued.


child monitoring app

In addition to that issues like sexting can be kept under check too as these apps let you have full monitoring power. Most of these apps allow multiple device monitoring and with minimum expenditure, one can keep tabs on all their devices.


Popular Spy Apps

 Mobile tracking is no longer an issue with mobile spying apps. Two of the best apps available for this purpose are

These apps are loaded with up to date features that make possible the surveillance of multiple devices under one roof.


Features These Apps Offer!

The targeted devices can be remotely monitored, keeping you aware of all the sent and received text messages and the outgoing and incoming calls, even if the actual messages are deleted. Social media applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, iMessage, BBM and emails can be distantly scrutinized too. Access to all the multimedia files like photos and audio and video files stored, sent and received on the device is possible too.

Features like call recording, live screen viewing, listening to and recording the surroundings, tracking location with GPS, instant photo capturing and access to internet browsing history have made these apps tremendously popular for surveillance purposes.

They are compatible with almost all of the phones/tablets and firmware versions.


These apps also notify you instantly in case a SIM is changed. Alerts of profane language use are also made. The contacts lists can be monitored too. Certain websites, applications, callers and messages can be blocked too. One can also remotely remove these apps from the devices.

The monitored device user remains unaware of the watch.



With these state of the art features, no one can hope to get away with tricking or scamming. Without these applications, it is virtually impossible to put a stop to the prevalent abuse of mobile phones and other similar devices.

Besides providing you with complete security, these apps ensure your peace of mind in this chaos ridden world.


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10 Obvious Signs Your Husband is Cheating on You


Signs your husband is cheating on you


According to the Huffington Post, cheating in a relationship is twice compared to few months ago. Statistics say that men are more likely than women to cheat. Sadly estimates indicate that almost 50% of all men cheat at some point in their lives.

However good news for the ladies is, just as there are that many more ways to communicate and cheat easily via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, and the countless dating sites and apps, there are also that many more ways to catch the cheaters.

In this post we describe the 10 obvious signs that your husband is cheating on you and also hit home on how to catch him red-handed! Remember, seeing any one of these signs does not necessarily mean that your husband is cheating, rather several of these or a pattern indicates that something fishy is going on.


Follow our suggestions at the end of this article to and read our detailed guide on how to catch your husband cheating.

1. Picking Fights

Does your husband start more arguments and fights these days, mostly over silly things? Does he then storm out of the house? Hmm, who knows if it’s to cool off or have another rendezvous?

This classic sign of cheating stems from his internal conflict of being with you while wanting to spend more time with the other woman. Of course, it causes frustration, moodiness, and anger because he sees those emotions as a means to get away from you.


2. He’s Suddenly Become a Socialite

Suddenly your husband is taking too many nights out with his boys, and there’s been an increase in his online activity. He is huddled with his laptop way too much and you know it’s not work related.

He’s discovered a newfound-love for social media and when you enter the room, he quickly closes the laptop screen and becomes attentive, only to appear panicky.


3. Secret Conversations

It’s time to be suspicious if you find your husband doing the following, especially if this behavior is new or has suddenly become more frequent:

  • Catch your husband leaving the room to take calls
  • Talking in a low voice or quickly finishing conversations when he sees you.
  • If he takes his phone into the bathroom.
  • He keeps it close even when going to sleep

You need to look up his phone history and if it has been erased, you know he definitely has something to hide. Start monitoring your husband’s phone right away!


What to Do If you Suspect your Husband is Cheating on you


4. Taking Pains to Improve his Appearance

When people cheat, they usually try to improve their appearance to impress the individual they’re having an affair with. If your husband had been pretty nonchalant about the details of appearing presentable, like meticulously fixing his hair or tucking in his shirt the right way and all of sudden there’s been a metamorphosis, do question it.

Does he dress differently – new clothes, haircuts, new shoes? Is he suddenly obsessed with getting in shape? Don’t get us wrong, taking care of yourself and wanting to look good is healthy, but when it’s an overnight change, something is definitely brewing.


5. Working Late too Often

Depending on your husband’s career, he really could be working overtime just so that he can afford that necklace you wanted for your birthday. Or it could be due to problems at home, like a strained relationship between you two?

But if you’ve ruled that out and there’s no bonus payment on his salary stub either, plus he’s unreachable at work, you should be on the lookout for changes and start tracking his phone to be aware of his whereabouts!


6. Unexplained Behavioral Changes

Appreciating these subtle changes requires keen observation. If the affair has been going on for a while, your husband might not be able to differentiate memories of time spent with you from those of time spent with the other woman. For example, “Didn’t we dine here?” clearly indicates he’s been there before, but not with you.


He seems increasingly disinterested in the lunches/dinners you cook him even if they are his favorite dishes. You ask him to catch up for lunch and he declines every few days. Unless he’s got gastroenteritis and is throwing up a lot, he’s gotta be eating somewhere and with someone. And not all of them could be a snack with his buddies.


7. He has a history/family history of cheating

If your husband has had trouble with expressing remorse, guilt or apology for wrong doings in other areas of his life like after a wrong-footed argument or harsh words then it’s unlikely that he would have those emotions if he’s cheating on you.

So it’s quite possible for him to go on as he normally would and display no obvious discomfort about cheating – because he wouldn’t be feeling guilty! Past behavior is often an indicator of current or future behavior so if your man has cheated once, he can do it again – especially if he comes from a line of promiscuous uncles.


Here’s How to Confront a Cheater with Solid Proof


 8. Cold Shoulders and Mood Swings

To assess this, you need to reflect on how your communication with your husband has always been. Has he always been very caring and now suddenly he appears preoccupied? Does he seem cheerful when he’s leaving home but sad and withdrawn when he comes home?

If has recently stopped communicating much or he’s distancing himself from you and becoming increasingly emotionally detached, it may be because he’s emotionally invested in someone else. The problems in his other relationship could be ruining yours.


So don’t just start an accusatory argument in hope of extricating a confession, confirm that he’s cheating by secretly spying on your husband’s phone.


9. Clean Car Syndrome

Has your husband suddenly acquired a revelation of sorts about keeping his car absolutely squeaky clean of any family belongings? He doesn’t want your hair brush or spare Chap Stick in the glove compartment or your favorite scent freshening the air, or even the children’s toys on the back seat?

It could be a sign that he’s clearing up any signs of a family for an affair or using his car to cuddle with a temptress on a date.


10. Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

He lies and does it well and you know it. Especially if he takes deception lightly or thinks of it as a talent/appreciable quality like a narcissist, bring out the red flags! He’s doing that to other people and he can easily turn those lying charms on you when he decides to go cheating.

So if he’s telling you he got late because of a traffic jam downtown and avoiding your eyes, it could be because he’s cheating.

 app to catch cheaters on phone

Conclusion: The Way Forward

Look for these signs and trust your gut and intuition, it’s your best friend. Listen to it and investigate. Remember the two Cs: confrontation and communication but the first rule of confrontation is to gather your evidence.

So buy a powerful cheating husband spy app like StealthGenie, and monitor all of your husband’s texts, calls, social media activity, emails, photos and even his GPS location in current time or the routes he took during the day. All of this remotely and secretly and as soon as it happens so that it reaches your online control panel before he can delete it!


It can spare you a lot of pain and agony. A baseless confrontation will not make him stop cheating nor will it improve your relationship. Taking action will, so let the spying begin!


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What to Do if Your Husband Texts His Ex or another Woman?


What to do when your husband texts his ex or another woman

If your husband is texting another woman, whether she is an ex girlfriend of your husband or just a colleague from work appears innocent enough. But how can you know for sure if it is actually innocent and harmless? How would you know if unwelcome emotions of denied attraction are cooking on either side?

You wouldn’t, unless you actively do something about it.

So what should you do if you know your husband is texting other women, especially if he’s too friendly with her? How can you find out whether they’re just catching up and discussing the weather or making secret plans without you? In this post we will answer all of those questions.


Read on to find out how to find what your husband is texting his ex girlfriend and what you should do to prevent any consequent problems in your marriage.


Find out What Your Husband is Texting About

So how can you see who your husband is texting? For this you simply need to grab hold of a most reliable phone spyware app, like StealthGenie, which will not only monitor all of your husband’s text conversations but also his Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and email conversations.

What’s more? This untraceable spyware does it all secretly and your husband will have no idea that his phone activity is being monitored. This means there will be no arguments about you not trusting him enough, etc and you can save your marriage if something wrong is going on.


Also this amazing cheating husband spy app will allow you to record or listen to your husband’s calls live. So if your husband is texting or calling another woman, you’ll know all the details! You can also track his GPS location in real time and chart out the routes he takes if you’re worried about any rendezvous with one of the other women in his life.


Agree upon Rules regarding Relations with the Opposite Sex

Set down some rules that both you and your husband adhere to when mingling with the opposite sex in your social circles.

  1. Text the opposite sex when it’s absolutely necessary and keeps the conversation mainly business-related. In general, avoid texting other men and establish with your husband that he should avoid texting other women
  2. Exes of course should be at the receiving end of most vigilance when being texted
  3. Friends of either of you should be friends of both of you. Don’t meet the opposite sex friends without your spouse


It may sound like I’m trying to tell you to put yourself in an exceptionally strict missionary school or telling you to be downright unsocial. But I’m not doing either of those. Just think about it: do you think you should be looking for friendship or companionship with a member of the opposite sex after getting married? I mean, why not find those things in your spouse?

I’m not saying you should completely clamp down on opposite sex friendships but they don’t need to be your closest friends. Your spouse and your same-sex friends are perfect for that.


Check on Your Nerves: Know When to be Suspicious, Don’t Get Paranoid

Not every past relationship of your husband is scary. If you live where your husband grew up, you’ll likely have quite a few of his exes in your social circle. You can’t shy away from all of them and not all of them are out to wreck your marriage, of course.

So if your husband is being the good guy and he doesn’t have anything inappropriate going on, if he treats the other women as friends and occasionally texts them, there’s no reason to be hyper-vigilant.


So instead of getting jealous of the exes and other female friends, build a closer relationship with your husband and befriend the women in his social circle. Yes, I know it’s hard but if you get to know them it will make it easier to keep any unwelcome advances in check. It will also prevent you from being overly jealous and adding renewed vigor to any dormant feelings between your husband and his ex.


Your Husband’s Innocent? Put an End to the Other Woman’s Advances

After the monitoring, once you know your husband isn’t at fault, just keep an eye out for a female coworker or any women in his circle who are too clingy. Keeping an eye out doesn’t mean you should be suspicious of every friendly hug he shares with a friend. Again, don’t get paranoid.

But some women might actually be looking for a new relationship, or sparking off an old one if they’re an ex. If you get that apprehensive feeling in your gut, and see any of the warning signs, discuss the matter with your husband. Ask him to observe for himself and avoid her.


Then try your best to be present at every event where your husband might meet her. Show her that there’s no room for her meddling and give her the backing off signal. Make your relationship with your husband really strong and know that you can prevent any harm to your marriage if you know that your husband loves and values you.


Cheating Spouse Spy App



Though at present you might be worried that your marriage might be threatened by your husband’s relationship with an ex or another woman in his social circle, we hope that after reading this post, you know how to resolve that soon.

However, remember this: no matter what your pasts may be like, but after the messy relationships you both may have had, he chose you and you chose him. Those other women don’t matter. Now it’s up to you to keep your marriage blissful by being open about your relationships with other people and communicating a lot.


If you’re already doing that and you have a great, candid relationship with your husband, you don’t have much to worry about where other women are concerned. For the most part you can relax and enjoy your married life but don’t let your guard down.

Avoid the unnecessary mingling with some established ground rules. Here’s to a blissful marriage. Cheers!


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