Best Keylogger for iPhone and iPad: Record Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks

keylogger app iphone ipad

So you’ve been looking for a REAL review of the best keylogger for iPhone and iPad amongst the whorl of reviews floating around the internet? Well look no more, because you’ve reached just the place!

Our team has thoroughly tested iKeyMonitor, the best way to monitor mouse clicks and record keystrokes on our devices for a couple of months and in this review we will share that experience with you along with giving you our expert opinion about what makes this product stand out in the market. We have come up with just what you need – an authentic review of the features, reliability and compatibility of this best keylogging software to make it every bit worth your precious time.

Hopefully after reading this review, you will be able to make an informed decision. Bookmark our page and keep checking back on us for updates on any newly added features!


As the name suggests, this app is designed specifically for Apple devices and caters to key logging on all iPod, iPhone and iPad models released so far, depending upon the iOS they carry – support is available for iOS 4.0 through 7.0.4. However, it only works for jail broken devices so make sure your target device is jail broken first.

How does iKeyMonitor work?

If your target device and the iOS on it are included in the compatibility list above, here are the steps to get started:

  1. Purchase the license for the package of your choice from the official website
  2. Launch Safari on the target device and enter the address: http://localhost:8888
  3. Enter your purchased license key and tap “Register”
  4. Enable Remote Control Viewing via Web Control Panel or receive all the logged data on your email account.
  5. iKeyMonitor will begin to upload all the data from the target phone to your online control panel. You may view it as per your convenience via remote access from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  6. You can also change your passwords and settings via remote access

Bonus: A single license key works for two devices!


Interesting Features:

Keystroke and Password logging

The most distinguishing and highly demanded feature of this app, which allows you to capture every keystroke, mouse click and password (in hidden mode as well) and even pasted text.

Messaging and IM

All sent and received texts are logged; the deleted ones will also appear on your web panel. Support is offered for iMessage and various other IM services available for iOS.

Whatsapp Monitor

This is another exciting feature that most users have the advantage of when using this app. All incoming and outgoing Whatsapp messages are recorded – for iPhone only.

Web History and Email

View all the websites viewed in Safari on the target device, as well as all the mails sent and received along with their time stamp and date. The Email service makes use of Keystroke logging so that nothing misses your eye.

Social Media Tracking

Another useful feature and it works very well. Access all the activities performed on Facebook and Twitter via the target device.

Screenshots Service

Capture screenshots of the activities carried out on the target devices so that you remember everything exactly the way it was. This is a very sought-after facility that is unique to iKeyMonitor.

Customer Support

Live Chat is available on the official website to help you out and multiple languages are offered for everyone’s convenience.

Is iKeyMointor for You?

That depends mainly upon your needs as this is not a pricey app. If you need basic keystroke logging features to track your children or employees then it is among the best purchases you can make in today’s keylogging software market. Three packages are available for 3, 6 and 12 months at approx $49, $69 and $99 respectively.

Get this Undetectable Keylogger for iPhone and iPad

Vendor: iKeyMonitor

Monitoring your Children’s iPhone and iPad – Never been Easier than THIS!

app to monitor child's iphone ipad use

In this time and age where iPhone and iPad are the part and parcel of every child’s gadgets, parents often find themselves anxious about the best way to keep track of their children’s activities via these technology wonders.

Whether it is your child’s social media activity, their choice of friends online or how much time they spend playing games instead of studying that has you concerned, worry not, for we present the perfect solution. You may have scoured the web and come across various apps to monitor child’s iPhone use, ways like sneaking up to their rooms at night and checking their gadgets.

However we present an innovative way for you to achieve the purpose remotely and safely – you can monitor your child’s iPhone/iPad from your own phone or tablet by simply installing the best spy software, StealthGenie on their devices.

How Does it Work?

Simply choose the package of your choice from the StealthGenie website and put the spyware app on your child’s devices. It will be completely undetectable and will give you detailed information about everything your child does, on your online control panel!

Let’s Have a Look at Online Demo!

The Unbeatable Features!

  • Access Texts and IMs Data:  The app will let you access text messages and IMs chats even deleted data via an online mygenie dashboard. This is highly useful to find out who your children text frequently and what they share using Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and WeChat
  • Worried about who they talk to? Spy on calls and logs:  It allows you remotely tap into and listen to their cell phone calls without their knowledge. You can view call logs with details even after they have been removed from your kids’ phone
  • Geofencing and GPS tracking:  This invisible spyware app traces the present location and travel routes of your kids. And, with help of Geofencing, you can mark safe and restricted zones on the map into your online dashboard and receive alerts through email, text message or both if your child deviates from those boundaries
  • Record surroundings:  Worried about your child leaving a safe zone? Remotely record his/her surroundings and find out where they are and what they’re up to. Remotely access and lock the iPhone screen through your online control panel if you feel your child might be in danger otherwise
  • View the websites they browsed:  The complete browsing history will be saved to your online dashboard and you can block any inappropriate content
  • Pause, Stop and Block apps:  You do not want your children to use. Remotely!
  • Read Facebook & iMessage chats:  The most highly demanded feature of this spyware app, it enables you to read Facebook, BB & iMessage conversations comfortably through your online account. Know who they’re befriending online and save them from cyber-crime. Presently, Facebook chat monitoring feature is available for Android devices only
  • Trigger words:  You can set various sensitive words like alcohol, drugs, porn, etc. as trigger words. Every time your child will either type those words on the device or receive them in a text/chat message, you will be alerted via email, text or both
  • YouTube videos and multimedia log:  This is the one of most interesting features of this monitoring app for iPhone and iPad. You will have complete access to YouTube videos your children viewed and also the pictures and videos they save on their iOS devices

Along with these most sought-out features, you can also access your child’s contacts, calendars and emails. You will also receive SIM change notifications so you’re always one step ahead of them. Good bye to sneaking and worrying!


Sign Up for iPhone/iPad Spy App

Vendor: StealthGenie (World’s no. 1 monitoring app with over 100,000 satisfied customers)

Price: $7.99/month only

How can i track my wife’s iPhone without her knowing?

 how can i track my wife's iphone

Coming home to a distant and withdrawn wife? Weary of the constant bickering about it? Tired of wondering about her whereabouts when she leaves the house and takes much longer than expected? What if she’s becoming estranged because of a romantic affair elsewhere?

Then it’s time to do something other than moping around: Be smart and stealthy and track your wife’s iPhone with the Stealth iPhone tracking app to be one step ahead of her.

Simply install the application on your wife’s iPhone and it will start acting like an online detective in her purse by notifying you about her exact current GPS location along with all other phone activities!

View all of her location data within minutes by logging in to your online dashboard from any computer, or your phone! To top it all off, it’s an undetectable hidden spyware so it functions without your wife knowing of its existence; hence it’s safe to use.

Track her GPS location: Know Exactly Where She is

This tracking app will monitor the accurate location of your wife’s iPhone in real time, down to the very street. Any time you wish to track her live, StealthGenie will begin uploading her location data to your online dashboard where it will be highlighted for you on their easy-to-view map. Simply log in and check it out!

Map her Steps along the day

Of course you’re busy at work and can’t track her location constantly – no worries! This invisible tracking app will monitor and save your wife’s location at various times of the day so that you may access the saved location history of the tracked iPhone as per your convenience.

At the end of the busy day, simply log in to your dashboard, view the complete details of her visited locations whenever she left the house and connect the dots.

Detours? Trace the Travel Route

trace their travel route

Why does she take this long to get the groceries? Every chore she leaves the house for seems to be painfully extensive – even though she leaves well before time to pick up the kids from school.

There simply cannot be that many traffic jams and she’s up to something else – like some rendezvous maybe? Tap into your Stealthgenie user control panel and trace the exact route she’s taking to the supermarket so you can catch her if she makes any ‘other stops’ before getting there.

Geo fencing for the Wayward Spirits

Once you figure out all the ‘other’ stops, you can label those areas as restricted in your StealthGenie maps. Areas around home or her workplace or any others that you deem as suspicious can be marked as safe on the maps.

How will that help? When your wife leaves the safe areas and/or enters any restricted ones, you will get SMS, email or both alert notifications of these transgressions – on your cell phone and PC. Phew! Makes life a lot easier!

Capture her Surroundings

Remotely activate this setting and listen to and record your wife’s surroundings LIVE. It provides credible proof during a confrontation, so that your argument doesn’t sound feeble.

Bonus Features – Get them while you can!

The best part about this mode of tracking is that along with allowing you remote access to your wife’s whereabouts, an array of other monitoring features is available. Stealthgenie offers the facilities of spying on your wife’s texts, emails, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Gtalk and Facebook conversations along with the multimedia, internet and calendar activity on her iPhone.

Also, get alerts when she changes her SIM or uses numbers or words you’ve previously categorized as suspicious. Even after she’s deleted call logs and conversations, you can find them saved to your online user panel because StealthGenie uploads the data immediately! Virtually you will always be one step ahead of her.

Get iPhone Spy App and Secretly Track your Wife’s iPhone


How to spy on someone’s iPhone within the next 5 minutes?

how to spy on someone's iphone

Crawled the web for the ultimate spying solution but got befuddled by the onslaught of information? There are tens of choices and each of them has a long installation process. No, that doesn’t call for a banging-head-on-the-desk occasion.

Instead simply follow three easy steps to get started on spying on someone’s iPhone without their knowledge within the next 5 minutes.

1. Buy the World’s Most Powerful Spy Software

Simply visit the official website - and choose the plan that suits your spying needs. There is not one but a bunch of reasons why we recommend that you buy Stealthgenie monitoring application for a hassle-free spying experience.

They offer a wide array of features and the exceptional customer support offered for a humble price to verify that Stealthgenie iPhone spy software will breeze you through the process.

2. Download the application

Once you have paid for the package of your choice, all you have to do is install the application on the jail broken target iPhone. If the phone isn’t already jail broken, you can either have it jail broken or do it yourself.

iPhone spy software download

Once that is done, open the Cydia icon, add the source to your Sources and then install MobileService on your target phone. Behold! Stealthgenie is now installed and fully active on the target phone while being completely undetectable! *wink wink*

Learn How to Install iPhone Spy Software?

3. View Data Online

The last step is finally signing into your online control panel via the StealthGenie website and start monitoring! You can also access your online control panel through your iPhone’s browser and have access to all the data from the target phone right from the comfort of your iPhone.

Click Here to View Online Dashboard

How can You Use StealthGenie?

StealthGenie monitoring software can be useful for you in a multitude of ways – from monitoring the activities of your family to employees. Read on to know how.

Catch Cheating Lover

Suspect that your significant other is making you insignificant in his/her life? Instead of hurling accusations and starting arguments, take the clean way out: start monitoring their phone activities through StealthGenie and confirm or negate your suspicions.

Record calls from suspicious numbers labelled as “L” or the likes and spy on his/her texts and emails. It could be a secret affair that you certainly don’t want to confront them about without the evidence. Or maybe it was just stress from the workplace making them so cranky after all. You don’t want to tread on thin ice there.

Monitor your Teens

Worried that your teenage children might be befriending strangers and potential cyber criminals online? What if they’re sharing inappropriate photos and sensitive personal information via social media? Don’t want them getting involved with drugs and alcohol at this tender age so you want to make sure they have the right company? StealthGenie kids spying software will help you with ALL of that.

You can monitor their Facebook messages along with their texts, Whatsapp, Viber and Skype conversations. Moreover, you can access their internet browsing history and bookmarks and block any inappropriate websites you don’t want them lingering on.

Keep Company’s Owned Devices Under your Surveillance

Nobody wants to have their employees wasting time over online magazines and self-help articles, much less over Horoscope and Farmville! Install StealthGenie on your company’s owned devices to keep track of what the employees really use them for.

All in all, owing to its simple installation procedure and impeccable user experience, StealthGenie will guide you through your era of monitoring fluidly. So what are you still waiting for? Go get the package of your choice with discounts and 100% money back guarantee!

Get iPhone Spy Software and Secretly Start Spying on any iPhone

Price: $7.99/month

How do I know that my boyfriend is faithful or not?

App to spy on cheating boyfriend

Seeing the seven deadly tell tale signs that your boyfriend is being unfaithful but you’re afraid to have ‘the talk’ with him because you don’t want to risk straining the relationship otherwise.

Honesty is certainly the best policy and you have every right to voice your concerns but the risk of throwing the infidelity card at him is too big because you can’t withdraw it – things won’t be the same if your suspicions are baseless.

The Seven Deadly Signs: Watch Out!

1. Time is the essence: - Do you find him leaving early and coming home later that usual? The work engagements he mentions to excuse himself don’t really add up to the bank account though.

2. Playing dress up: - My my, he certainly can’t be giving that much importance to his appearance when he’s having to work overtime! Not a single miss on the gym schedule these past weeks. Hmm, he’s better stay home longer if he’s doing all that for you!

Spy iMessage Conversation

3. Biting the hand that feeds: - He seems hostile for no apparent reason and pounces on every chance to plunge into an argument? Could be the stress of the affair or pent up guilt. Notice his outbursts but stay calm. This can be a tempting stimulus for accusing him but DON’T!

4. All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy: - Where did those days go, the good old days when you used to talk your hearts out before drifting to sleep? What happened to the Italian dinners and movie nights on the sofa?

5. Socialvaganza: - There he goes again, rushing to answer his phone or texting away like a giggling teen girl gushing about her prom dress

6. No secrets in relationships: - Secret emails and social media identities. – Is he being blackmailed or what? Something is definitely under the rug

7. Where’s the money going? A bizarre number of unwarranted transactions on your bank statement? You are right to wonder where it’s flying off, or to whom.

Avoid ‘The Talk’ without Evidence

Do not just barge up to him and accuse him of cheating because that can backfire on you. What if he isn’t up to anything evil and maybe just planning a huge surprise party for you? Or even if he is, confronting him without the proper evidence will only give him a chance to take things further underground.

Your best bet is to find a great boyfriend tracker app and keep track of all his secret activity. Make sure he’s actually doing what you think he is and then confront him with the evidence to have ‘the talk’ for good.

Catch a cheater with mSpy

The Way Out: Solution Ahead

In light of above, you suspect that you’re being kept in the dark about something unpleasant. It’s thick, impenetrable, suffocating curtain of the silence before the storm. Take a stand, just not a very obvious one. Pull yourself together, hope for the best and embark on your journey towards the truth with an iPhone spy software from Stealthgenie OR mSpy.

Use their great features to tap into your boyfriend’s calls, track his location, record his surroundings and have access to his calendars. View his multimedia, check his texts, IMs, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and Gtalk conversations; his social media activity and his emails too.

No worries about the deleted logs, you will find them all uploaded to your online control panel, ready to use whenever you find it convenient. Track all his data exchange, know his game as well as he’s playing. With all your evidence lined up you can confront him and he won’t have a way out, while you will.

Install iPhone Spy App on His Phone and Secretly Know the Truth

Price: $7.99/month

Vendor: StealthGenie (World’s #1 Spy Software)

12 Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad

Heaps and mounds of spam and immoral content are worming through the internet, disguised as advertisements or wedged in online games. It’s imperative to have a parental control app installed on your children’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that monitors your children’s activity and offers maximum protection from cyber crime and bullying. Here we have reviewed some great apps that come in handy when monitoring your child’s online activity and some work without their knowledge.



FREE from the App Store, easy to set up and use and does not slow down the devices. Available in three per-defined filtering levels of high school, middle school and elementary school it offers age-related restrictions for your kids, filtering out content related to violence, liquor and social networking respectively. With its Safe Search criteria, it blocks out inappropriate content in search engine results adhering to the standards set by the Family Online Safety Institute. Furthermore, it offers real-time content filtering and traffic encryption at unsecured WiFi hotspots, protecting passwords and personal information.


iKeyMonitor Download

The key features of this app are indeed very useful when dealing with retaliating kids. You can record passwords entered, log SMS and Whatsapp conversation and even record the pasted texts. While secretly monitoring the device in stealth mode you can log the websites visited in Safari. The most exciting feature of this app is that you can capture screenshots in any interval and automatically receive all the logged and recorded information on your mail. License available for $99.95/year.


Netnanny for iOS

For $4.99, a very popular family friendly app that offers safety from pornography, cyber bullying and social network predators via dynamic filtering that is controlled by your settings. Allows parental control through restriction of specific keywords, games and websites and sends you emails when your kid visits an inappropriate website. No more worrying about what your kid shares on social media because this app will allow you to monitor your child’s posts and chats on Facebook.


Qustodio for iPhone

Avail the key benefits of filtering, monitoring and time restrictions. You can block dangerous content and websites by their smart internet filtering and manage kids’ web activity in any browser while receiving alerts and usage history up to 30 days! Want to save your child from predators on social media? With Qustodio you will receive reports on social media activities and instant alerts if doubtful action is detected. With time-tracking you can limit the amount of time your child spends playing games using other apps on the device and even restrict access to certain applications. Enjoy all that from this universal app, FREE!

 K9 Web Protection

K9WebProtection for iPhone

This FREE app offers three key features. You can enable Safe Search to prevent access to explicit or offensive content across all browsers. This will ensure that entire categories of inappropriate content are filtered. Time sensitivity is offered via the “NightGuard” function which will block access to internet during specific times that you deem unfit for your child’s use of the device.


phonesheriff for iphone

Appropriately named, this app is great for keeping tabs on your ‘wild child’ teen. You can monitor calls and texts from phone numbers you find suspicious and if considered dangerous, you can block those numbers from calling and texting. The time management settings also allow you to control the target iPhone/iPad by locking or unlocking them during certain time periods and set custom time restrictions to block the apps that you find inappropriate. What comes handy most often is the instant GPS feature – you can track your child’s location in real time and lock their device if they’re off to hangout with black leather clad, shady motorcyclists. [$89 per year]


StealthGenie iOS Parental Control

The name says it all. For $8/month, one of the best apps to monitor your child’s phone activity without them knowing, it offers surveillance of multimedia, call logs, texts, iMessage, Whatsapp, Viber and even Skype and Gtalk conversations. Filter and monitor your child’s email, online and social media activity and tap into their calls and record them if you suspect they are getting into trouble. You can view their browser bookmarks, phone contacts and calendars;  track their location and even listen to or record their surroundings when you’re worried about where they might be and remotely control their phone if you’re not happy about their whereabouts. All this data is available on your online control panel even when it has been deleted on the device by your savvy child.



The great key features include location tracking in real time and history, the ‘Spy Call’ facility and access to data exchange logs. Spy Call allows you to listen to your kids’ surroundings and make secret, undetected calls to ward off predators for good. You will also gain access to your child’s multimedia, calls, texts, Whatsapp, email and browser history logs. View your child’s contact details remotely and be aware of who exactly they’re befriending for $19.99.


Mamabear app

Sounds warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it? Claiming to provide parents with peace of mind, this app manages to live up to the claim by tracking your child’s location, social media activity and alerting you when they’re going above a pre-set speed limit. Indeed, those are the three basic things every parent worries about when their child’s safety is concerned. This FREE app goes a step ahead of just online parental control and knowing where your child is, by extending a watch out over your child on the road.


safetyweb reviews

With a grasp over all things social media, this app alerts you on potentially dangerous actions, such as when your children befriends a stranger online. The keylogging monitoring program is triggered by words related to cyber bullying, drugs and alcohol use – racism and even eating related disorders. Available for $10 monthly and $100 a year, it conveniently arms you with knowledge of your child’s social media activity in entirety.

Safe Eyes

Safe Eyes Mobile

This app blocks websites based on various categories. You can opt for three predefined levels of low, medium or high filtration and filtering for each type of media can be customized accordingly. You can manage up to 10 different profiles with customized settings on different devices, each carrying its own licensed copy. You can get it for just $49.99.


webwatcher for iphone

Allows access to email, IM and social media monitoring. The keylogger function can alert you instantly if a word defined by you as inappropriate is entered or even viewed.  Records everything your children search for in all the search engines, along with details of websites visited so you can view it later. Block any programs you want to keep the kids away from and check how much time they spend on others. The most distinctive function of WebWatcher is continuous screenshots appearing in a video-style playback mode. This allows you to view emails or chats as they were being typed, rather than the final draft. Available for iOS at $24.95.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Spy Software Now Available!

iPhone 5S iPhone 5C Spy App

To double up the holiday excitement for all those of us eagerly awaiting the iOS 7 jailbreak, the wait got over with the release of the most awesome jailbreak yet. What does this mean for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users? They can now jailbreak their phones and have access to all the great apps including the Stealthgenie iPhone 5S and 5C spy app which is your greatest and stealthiest asset when it comes to monitoring your loved ones, kids or employees iPhone activities. Get the jailbreak and get the iPhone 5S spy software and start tracking away from your online control panel!

Will it work for Me?

If you’re wondering whether this iPhone monitoring software is compatible with iOS 7, set your concerns aside. The app is fully functional, works great in the fluid iOS 7 interface and works on all versions of jail-broken iOS 7. All you need to do is jailbreak your target iPhone 5S or 5C and install the spyware application from the Stealthgenie website after selecting your product, the desired package and making the payment – easy peasy!

How It Works?

An Insight Into Features

Simply install the iPhone spy app on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C you wish to track and get all the details of data exchange in your online control panel.

  • Access Text Messages, Skype, iMessage & Viber Data:  Secretly read text messages, iMessage, Viber and Skype conversations. Even deleted conversations will be available on online account
  • Spy on Calls and Logs: Remotely tap into, listen in to their phone calls LIVE and even record them on to your PC. View call logs along with contacts, time duration and date, even after log has been deleted from the target phone
  • GPS Tracking: Tracking features allow you to know the current GPS location & also location history of your target iPhone
  • Receive alerts through email, text message or both if your target phone enters areas that you’ve labelled restricted on your online dashboard map
  • View Browsing History: View the websites browsed on your target iPhone and block inappropriate content and applications you do not want on their phones
  • Read Whatsapp Chats: The most highly demanded feature of the Stealthgenie spy software, it enables you to access Whatsapp conversations secretly through your online account
  • Multimedia Log: Keep track of all the videos watched and photos taken on your target iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C.
  • YouTube Videos: This is the one of the most distinguishing features of the Stealthgenie monitoring application for iPhone 5S and 5C. You can take complete charge of YouTube videos viewed on the target iPhone.
  • Contacts and Calendars: View all the contacts and calendars stored on the iPhone. Added or deleted contacts are instantly uploaded on your stealth online control panel
  • Read Emails: View Gmail emails along with date, subject, mail text and to/from address details
  • Record Surroundings: Remotely record surroundings and find out where they are
  • SIM Change Notification: Receive notifications about SIM change on the target iPhone smartphone
  • Remote Access: Remotely access and lock the iPhone screen through an online control panel
  • 100 % STEALTHY: It functions as a secret spyware and displays no icon on target iPhone, remaining completely undetectable

Why should You Use It?

You can monitor your children’s iPhone activities without prying directly and no longer need to worry about who they’re hanging out with.

If your significant other is making life miserable because of a possible affair, keep tabs on them and make your life relatively stress-free.

Wondering why your business isn’t soaring high as previously and whether your employee is keeping things from you, maybe it’s time to question and assess their liaisons with your competitors.

Buy iPhone 5S and 5C Spy App

Vendor: StealthGenie (Trusted by over 100,000 satisfied customers)

Price: Starting at $8/month

Sign Up for iPhone Spy Software
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