10 Obvious Signs Your Husband is Cheating on You


Signs your husband is cheating on you


According to the Huffington Post, cheating in a relationship is twice compared to few months ago. Statistics say that men are more likely than women to cheat. Sadly estimates indicate that almost 50% of all men cheat at some point in their lives.

However good news for the ladies is, just as there are that many more ways to communicate and cheat easily via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, and the countless dating sites and apps, there are also that many more ways to catch the cheaters.

In this post we describe the 10 obvious signs that your husband is cheating on you and also hit home on how to catch him red-handed! Remember, seeing any one of these signs does not necessarily mean that your husband is cheating, rather several of these or a pattern indicates that something fishy is going on.


Follow our suggestions at the end of this article to and read our detailed guide on how to catch your husband cheating.

1. Picking Fights

Does your husband start more arguments and fights these days, mostly over silly things? Does he then storm out of the house? Hmm, who knows if it’s to cool off or have another rendezvous?

This classic sign of cheating stems from his internal conflict of being with you while wanting to spend more time with the other woman. Of course, it causes frustration, moodiness, and anger because he sees those emotions as a means to get away from you.


2. He’s Suddenly Become a Socialite

Suddenly your husband is taking too many nights out with his boys, and there’s been an increase in his online activity. He is huddled with his laptop way too much and you know it’s not work related.
He’s discovered a newfound-love for social media and when you enter the room, he quickly closes the laptop screen and becomes attentive, only to appear panicky.


3. Secret Conversations

It’s time to be suspicious if you find your husband doing the following, especially if this behavior is new or has suddenly become more frequent:

  • Catch your husband leaving the room to take calls
  • Talking in a low voice or quickly finishing conversations when he sees you.
  • If he takes his phone into the bathroom.
  • He keeps it close even when going to sleep

You need to look up his phone history and if it has been erased, you know he definitely has something to hide. Start monitoring your husband’s phone right away!


What to Do If you Suspect your Husband is Cheating on you


4. Taking Pains to Improve his Appearance

When people cheat, they usually try to improve their appearance to impress the individual they’re having an affair with. If your husband had been pretty nonchalant about the details of appearing presentable, like meticulously fixing his hair or tucking in his shirt the right way and all of sudden there’s been a metamorphosis, do question it.

Does he dress differently – new clothes, haircuts, new shoes? Is he suddenly obsessed with getting in shape? Don’t get us wrong, taking care of yourself and wanting to look good is healthy, but when it’s an overnight change, something is definitely brewing.


5. Working Late too Often

Depending on your husband’s career, he really could be working overtime just so that he can afford that necklace you wanted for your birthday. Or it could be due to problems at home, like a strained relationship between you two?

But if you’ve ruled that out and there’s no bonus payment on his salary stub either, plus he’s unreachable at work, you should be on the lookout for changes and start tracking his phone to be aware of his whereabouts!


6. Unexplained Behavioral Changes

Appreciating these subtle changes requires keen observation. If the affair has been going on for a while, your husband might not be able to differentiate memories of time spent with you from those of time spent with the other woman. For example, “Didn’t we dine here?” clearly indicates he’s been there before, but not with you.


He seems increasingly disinterested in the lunches/dinners you cook him even if they are his favorite dishes. You ask him to catch up for lunch and he declines every few days. Unless he’s got gastroenteritis and is throwing up a lot, he’s gotta be eating somewhere and with someone. And not all of them could be a snack with his buddies.


7. He has a history/family history of cheating

If your husband has had trouble with expressing remorse, guilt or apology for wrong doings in other areas of his life like after a wrong-footed argument or harsh words then it’s unlikely that he would have those emotions if he’s cheating on you.

So it’s quite possible for him to go on as he normally would and display no obvious discomfort about cheating – because he wouldn’t be feeling guilty! Past behavior is often an indicator of current or future behavior so if your man has cheated once, he can do it again – especially if he comes from a line of promiscuous uncles.


Here’s How to Confront a Cheater with Solid Proof


 8. Cold Shoulders and Mood Swings

To assess this, you need to reflect on how your communication with your husband has always been. Has he always been very caring and now suddenly he appears preoccupied? Does he seem cheerful when he’s leaving home but sad and withdrawn when he comes home?

If has recently stopped communicating much or he’s distancing himself from you and becoming increasingly emotionally detached, it may be because he’s emotionally invested in someone else. The problems in his other relationship could be ruining yours.


So don’t just start an accusatory argument in hope of extricating a confession, confirm that he’s cheating by secretly spying on your husband’s phone.


9. Clean Car Syndrome

Has your husband suddenly acquired a revelation of sorts about keeping his car absolutely squeaky clean of any family belongings? He doesn’t want your hair brush or spare Chap Stick in the glove compartment or your favorite scent freshening the air, or even the children’s toys on the back seat?

It could be a sign that he’s clearing up any signs of a family for an affair or using his car to cuddle with a temptress on a date.


10. Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

He lies and does it well and you know it. Especially if he takes deception lightly or thinks of it as a talent/appreciable quality like a narcissist, bring out the red flags! He’s doing that to other people and he can easily turn those lying charms on you when he decides to go cheating.

So if he’s telling you he got late because of a traffic jam downtown and avoiding your eyes, it could be because he’s cheating.

 app to catch cheaters on phone

Conclusion: The Way Forward

Look for these signs and trust your gut and intuition, it’s your best friend. Listen to it and investigate. Remember the two Cs: confrontation and communication but the first rule of confrontation is to gather your evidence.

So buy a powerful cheating husband spy app like StealthGenie, and monitor all of your husband’s texts, calls, social media activity, emails, photos and even his GPS location in current time or the routes he took during the day. All of this remotely and secretly and as soon as it happens so that it reaches your online control panel before he can delete it!


It can spare you a lot of pain and agony. A baseless confrontation will not make him stop cheating nor will it improve your relationship. Taking action will, so let the spying begin!

What to Do if Your Husband Texts His Ex or another Woman?


What to do when your husband texts his ex or another woman

If your husband is texting a female coworker, whether she is an ex of your husband or just a colleague from work appears innocent enough. But how can you know for sure if it is actually innocent and harmless? How would you know if unwelcome emotions of denied attraction are cooking on either side?

You wouldn’t, unless you actively do something about it.


So what should you do if you know your husband is texting other women, especially if he’s too friendly with his ex? How can you find out whether they’re just catching up and discussing the weather or making secret plans without you? In this post we will answer all of those questions.

Read on to find out how to find what your husband is texting other women about and what you should do to prevent any consequent problems in your marriage.


Find out What Your Husband is Texting About

So how can you see who your husband is texting? For this you simply need to grab hold of a most reliable phone spyware app, like StealthGenie, which will not only monitor all of your husband’s text conversations but also his Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and email conversations.

What’s more? This untraceable spyware does it all secretly and your husband will have no idea that his phone activity is being monitored. This means there will be no arguments about you not trusting him enough, etc and you can save your marriage if something wrong is going on.


Also this amazing cheating husband spy app will allow you to record or listen to your husband’s calls live. So if your husband is texting or calling another woman, you’ll know all the details! You can also track his GPS location in real time and chart out the routes he takes if you’re worried about any rendezvous with one of the other women in his life.


Agree upon Rules regarding Relations with the Opposite Sex

Set down some rules that both you and your husband adhere to when mingling with the opposite sex in your social circles.

  1. Text the opposite sex when it’s absolutely necessary and keeps the conversation mainly business-related. In general, avoid texting other men and establish with your husband that he should avoid texting other women
  2. Exes of course should be at the receiving end of most vigilance when being texted
  3. Friends of either of you should be friends of both of you. Don’t meet the opposite sex friends without your spouse


It may sound like I’m trying to tell you to put yourself in an exceptionally strict missionary school or telling you to be downright unsocial. But I’m not doing either of those. Just think about it: do you think you should be looking for friendship or companionship with a member of the opposite sex after getting married? I mean, why not find those things in your spouse?

I’m not saying you should completely clamp down on opposite sex friendships but they don’t need to be your closest friends. Your spouse and your same-sex friends are perfect for that.


Check on Your Nerves: Know When to be Suspicious, Don’t Get Paranoid

Not every past relationship of your husband is scary. If you live where your husband grew up, you’ll likely have quite a few of his exes in your social circle. You can’t shy away from all of them and not all of them are out to wreck your marriage, of course.

So if your husband is being the good guy and he doesn’t have anything inappropriate going on, if he treats the other women as friends and occasionally texts them, there’s no reason to be hyper-vigilant.


So instead of getting jealous of the exes and other female friends, build a closer relationship with your husband and befriend the women in his social circle. Yes, I know it’s hard but if you get to know them it will make it easier to keep any unwelcome advances in check. It will also prevent you from being overly jealous and adding renewed vigor to any dormant feelings between your husband and his ex.


Your Husband’s Innocent? Put an End to the Other Woman’s Advances

After the monitoring, once you know your husband isn’t at fault, just keep an eye out for a female coworker or any women in his circle who are too clingy. Keeping an eye out doesn’t mean you should be suspicious of every friendly hug he shares with a friend. Again, don’t get paranoid.

But some women might actually be looking for a new relationship, or sparking off an old one if they’re an ex. If you get that apprehensive feeling in your gut, and see any of the warning signs, discuss the matter with your husband. Ask him to observe for himself and avoid her.


Then try your best to be present at every event where your husband might meet her. Show her that there’s no room for her meddling and give her the backing off signal. Make your relationship with your husband really strong and know that you can prevent any harm to your marriage if you know that your husband loves and values you.



Though at present you might be worried that your marriage might be threatened by your husband’s relationship with an ex or another woman in his social circle, we hope that after reading this post, you know how to resolve that soon.

However, remember this: no matter what your pasts may be like, but after the messy relationships you both may have had, he chose you and you chose him. Those other women don’t matter. Now it’s up to you to keep your marriage blissful by being open about your relationships with other people and communicating a lot.


If you’re already doing that and you have a great, candid relationship with your husband, you don’t have much to worry about where other women are concerned. For the most part you can relax and enjoy your married life but don’t let your guard down.

Avoid the unnecessary mingling with some established ground rules. Here’s to a blissful marriage. Cheers!


Try this Undetectable Phone Spyware and Secretly Find Out the Truth!

Vendor: Stealthgenie

Here’s How to Confront a Cheater With Proof?

Confront betrayal and infidelity from your spouse

(Get Undeniable Proof of his Cheating and Confront Him Effectively)

Confronting a loved one whom you suspect of cheating can be hard. With the right tools, you can ensure your confrontation with your spouse goes as smooth as possible.

Dealing with the Pain

Once you realize your spouse is cheating on you, it is important to remember to first express your feelings in a manner that is both conducive and effective. Whether it involves pouring your heart out to a friend or writing it all down on paper, the goal should be to first adjust the perspective of reality by venting.


The Next Step

Once that is done, the next step is to figure out what you want. Do you want an end to the relationship? Do you want to stay and work on the problems in your relationship? If there are children involved, how do you tell them? How do you sort out the finances?

These may not be easy questions to answer but it is important to get a sense of clarity so that you know what action to take


Your Action Plan

At this point, it is imperative that you are absolutely certain that your spouse is cheating on you. however, before confronting a cheater the collection of factual evidence takes priority.

In today’s day and age – where technology has made many tasks previously thought impossible to do, now completely doable – probably the most reliable source of information for evidence on whether a person is cheating or not is their phone.


Your Armory

The Internet offers a range of monitoring applications designed to extract data in the form of text messages and phone recordings from the user’s handset. Among the numerous spying software currently available on the Web, one particularly stands out for its rather unique spying features.

StealthGenie.com is a spy software that is first-rated when it comes to monitoring other people’s activities via their cell phones. This spy software is able to extract relevant information related to who the user has been talking to along with data related to his whereabouts at different times of the day.

Apart from storing text messages and phone call recordings, StealthGenie can also:


  • Track GPS Locations
  • Read Emails
  • Spy on Instant Messengers
  • View Multimedia Files
  • Monitor Internet Activities
  • View Contacts and Calendar Activities
  • Bug Phone
  • Instant Alerts and Notifications (for any changes done to phone)

Probably one of the most distinctive features of StealthGenie is the fact that it allows you to control your partner’s phone from a remote location. This spy software can even secretly store relevant information such as text messages and emails and upload them via cloud storage, thus enabling you to download that information on to your own computer, all without the knowledge of the phone’s owner.

You can start spying on any phone within the next five minutes as mentioned on their website.

How Does it Work?

After installation, all phone data is uploaded onto StealthGenie’s servers. It takes approximately 30 minutes the first time, after which any new data is then uploaded in real time. All your settings and preferences along with data from your target phone are uploaded on to these servers.

All monitoring data, with logs and details can then be accessed at any time by logging into StealthGenie’s Member Area.


Spy iMessage Conversation


One of the ways in which you can keep track of your spouse activities in real time is through Control Panel. Here, you have total access to the phone’s settings and memory. You even have a complete view of any activity done in the past 24 hours particularly phone calls placed, calls received and messages sent and received over several platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Facebook.


You can even track the phone’s mobility; with the software’s special Geo Tracking feature, you can zoom in on the user’s location at several times during a day, all in real time.


Facing the Music

The information derived through StealthGenie will be helpful enough to hold a proper discussion between you and your spouse. You may confront him/her with the information that you have gathered and question his/her intentions related to the development. By talking it out with your spouse, the both of you may be able to arrive to a mutual understanding regarding your relationship.


app to catch cheaters on phone

Acceptance – The First Step to Recovery

Regardless of what decision you take, feelings of shock, anger and utter grief may continue to linger. In order to fully recover from the loss of trust and feeling of utter betrayal, it is necessary to go through the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

You may have trouble believing that this is happening to you, you may feel overwhelming anger at everyone and everything around you, you may constantly obsess about how you could have done things differently, you may then sink into a deep depression where you’re almost always staring away into space, after which, finally, you will accept what has happened and ultimately move on with your life.

Accepting what has happened is key to completing the cycle of grief; it indicates that you have come to terms with what has happened to you and that you are still grateful for the experience as it has made you a better person. By following these steps to overcoming grief, you can very well be on your way to a full recovery.



Once you have learned to come to terms with the tumult brought about by your spouse’s cheating, only then will you be completely ready to move on with your life. It is important to remember this experience not as something that can hold you back but in fact something you can learn from and ultimately benefit from.

So before planning to confront a cheater, get solid proof of cheating and confront confidently!


Click Here to Get Solid Evidence of his Cheating

When should your child get their first smartphone?


When Should You Get Your Kid a Cell Phone

Undoubtedly cell phones are a great way to stay in touch with your kids anytime, anywhere, giving you a sense of security but how do you decide if your child is old enough to have one?

What is the best time for parents to give their child a cell phone?

On average, children in the U.K. receive their first phone at the age of 11. Is that really the right age for them?

This post covers how you can decide the best time to give your child a phone, considering the consequences and how to monitor exactly how they use it.


The Right Age for a Cell Phone: Is Your Child Ready?

Most experts agree there’s no single answer to that because every family is different. But it’s a tough call for parents because it’s not just about age, it’s mainly about the potential consequences of letting your child have a phone.

A phone opens up a Pandora’s Box of potential issues: access to inappropriate apps, sexting, internet addiction and impaired social interaction skills.

Are you prepared to deal with all that?


Here’s how you can decide whether your child is ready for a cell phone:

  1. Do your children “need” to be in touch for safety reasons — or social ones?
  2. How independent and responsible are your kids? Can you trust them to not compromise their studies, etc if given a phone?
  3. Do they really need a smartphone?
  4. If yes, then are they mature enough to honor limits (like no texting during class, or disturbing others with their conversations, and using the text, photo, and video functions responsibly and ethically – and not to embarrass or harass others)?
  5. Do they understand the ideas of cyber bullying? Do you think they are comfortable enough to discuss any such problems with you, if they face them?
  6. Do you think they will use their smartphones to maintain a safe public profile over the internet and social media?


If you feel the answer to those questions is yes, or mostly yes then you can probably trust your child enough to give him/her a phone, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t still monitor their phone activity.

Times may have changed, but parenting hasn’t. No matter how technologically savvy they may be after all they’re still children and we’re still the parents.

And it’s our job to keep a check and guide them where they go wrong.


Phones Today: Far more than JUST communication devices

Just remember when you hand kids phones today, you’re giving them powerful communications and production tools that put social media, videos, games, movies, music, and TV shows within reach.

They can download just about everything in the world, ranging from books and educational encyclopedias to adult jokes and porn.

Are you ready for your child to have that kind of access?

Your children can create text, images, and videos that can be uploaded to websites like Youtube and Facebook and become widely distributed across the internet.

Social interaction can be positive as it teaches kids to relate to other kids but science isn’t sure yet if social media interactions actually add to learning from real-life interactions.


How can cell phones affect your kids?

Instead there is the threat of “cyber bullying,” which is social harassment via text, instant messaging, or other social media when kids use their smartphones without our supervision because we wouldn’t know what they’re sharing with the world!

Many smartphones have a “location sharing” feature which kids can use to broadcast their status and their location, which raises concerns about people stalking them and subsequent cyber bullying.

Research on how cell phones affect mental and emotional health is still in the early stages but preliminary studies show that frequent texting and emailing can disrupt children’s concentration and impair their social interaction skills.


A recent survey by TextPlus reported that half of teens surveyed say they can’t live longer than a week without their phones, and 36% said they check their phones at least once every 10 minutes.

This just goes on to show how cell phones can also become compulsive if kids start being “on call” 24/7 to keep up with their friends.


Making Sure They’re Safe: Monitoring Your Child’s Phone

Our job as parents doesn’t end at deciding that our child is trustworthy enough to deserve a phone, it goes far beyond that.

Should you check who your child is calling and what he/she’s tweeting? Should you keep a check on what your child is texting and who they’re befriending over social media? Do you need to check what apps your child is downloading on their phone? Absolutely!

Renowned psychologist at the NYU, USA, Caroline Evans says that parents need to check their kids’ phones regularly to make sure they’re being used respectfully.

Parents can thus help their children understand the importance of using a cell phone responsibly and open discussions about cyber bullying:

‘Have you gotten weird texts?’ ‘Any calls that made you uncomfortable?’ ‘Who are you texting?


How can you monitor your child’s phone?

However the major issue that parents face is to make phones built for grown-ups safe for kids. That is where you need the help of amazing cell phone monitoring apps like StealthGenie and Phonesheriff that can provide you with continuous online surveillance of your child’s phone, saving you all the trouble of snooping!

Having a monitoring software installed on your child’s phone makes it easy to track online activity and block inappropriate websites.

Parents can monitor call logs, texts, Whatsapp, iMessage and Blackberry conversations while also controlling who calls or texts can go out to.

You can view all the multimedia stored on the phone and even track the GPS location. Control the phone with a remote lock and erase feature — and do it all remotely from an online control panel!


Let’s take a look at some of the unique features of each Phonesheriff and StealthGenie, in addition to ones mentioned above to help you decide which software could work best for you.



This app truly lives up to its name and is your best shot if your child is 13 years old or younger. You can restrict access to inappropriate apps, set time limits on phone usage by blocking all functions or just calls after dinner.

Anti-abduction mode ensures that you can take a stealthy photo of the surroundings and remotely record the background sounds along with tracking the GPS location if your child is in trouble.

Add a panic alert button if your child suffers from diabetes or epilepsy so that you can be immediately notified with his/her location.

Profanity alert notifies you if your child types any pre-set restricted keywords. You can also monitor the overall mobile data usage stats and track multiple devices with just one purchase of the software!

Get PhoneSheriff App and Monitor their Phones/Tabs



This app covers surveillance of a wide range of social activity so is the best choice if your child is particularly attached to social media, namely is a teenager.

It monitors whereabouts, Facebook messages, Viber and Skype calls, iMessage, Viber, Skype, Gtalk and Whatsapp conversations along with Pin messages in addition to those mentioned above.

You can record calls, intercept live calls, listen to the phone’s surroundings live and using the advanced Geofencing feature, get notifications when your child leaves a predefined safe area or enters a risky one to make sure that your teen is in safe company.

You can define suspicious words and phone numbers and receive notifications on your phone when your child uses those.


So is your child ready for a phone and are you equipped with an efficient software to monitor their device? Let us know.

For full Details Visit Stealthgenie Website here


How to track another person’s iphone without them knowing?

Track another person's iphone without them kwowing

The answer to that question is a simple one: Whether it is your employees, kids or significant other that you wish to track, you need a phone tracking app offering the perfect package of innovation, efficiency, stealth and ease.

Is there any app that offers all of those?

Of course and that’s why I have written the post for your; to tell you all about how you can use StealthGenie – world’s # 1 phone spy app to track someone else’s iPhone secretly!

StealthGenie, as the name suggests was created with the very aim of tracking a target phone “stealthily” while covering all of your tracking needs as you would expect a Genie to.

Be assured, this amazing phone spy software is completely, utterly undetectable so whoever it is you wish to track won’t have a clue.


Tracking Someone Else’s iPhone: Know Where They Are!

Track Current Location: – Tracking someone’s iPhone has never been more convenient. Using this secret app you can see the GPS location of your target iPhone in real time.

Identify Travel Routes and Location History: – From your online control panel you can view the entire travel route that your monitored phone took along with their location history during the day.

GeoFencing: – Identify ‘safe’ and ‘restricted’ areas on a map in your online control panel. As soon as the person you are tracking leaves those set perimeters, you will receive alerts via text, email or both

The iPhone tracking app provides all the updated details on your online control panel which can be accessed from anywhere with a working internet connection making sure that it’s completely hidden.

 trace their travel route

What other features does StealthGenie offer?

Along with tracking, StealthGenie caters to your monitoring requirements as well:

Oversee their Instant Messengers

This app lets you view all iMessage, Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, Gtalk, Viber and Skype conversations on the monitored iPhone. This means you can see all the contacts that your target phone’s owner is in conversation with the times and dates of each message.

Since instant messengers are a great way to share photos and videos, you will have access to all the multimedia being shared in those conversations.

If you’re not already grinning from ear to ear, there’s more awesomeness – you can view all call logs of Viber and Skype on the target phone.

Track their Internet Activities

At your disposal is the target phone’s:

  • Internet history
  • Bookmarks
  • Time and date details of each URL visited
  • The number of times a particular site has been visited
  • All sent and received emails along with their contacts
  • You can also label certain contacts as suspicious so that you receive alerts everytime the target phone sends or receives texts, calls or emails from that contact.

Spy Phone calls

You can listen to, intercept or record LIVE calls. To interrupt the targets phone’s calls, simply send a text message to the phone. As soon as the text message is received, StealthGenie will automatically start recording calls. 

The complete call logs and recorded calls of the target phone will be saved to your online control panel, meaning that the owner of the target phone can never find out.

Remotely Access Text Messages

Read all sent and received text messages on your target phone with their time and date and details of the sending/receiving contacts.

StealthGenie also offers a really cool tool to redirect messages from the monitored phone to any number of your choice.

How is this useful? The recipient thinks that they received a very rude text message from the owner of your target phone. Time for the evil grin!


How it will help out You?

a) Track Cheating Beloveds

Are you wondering if the reason for the sudden hostile change in your wife/girlfriend’s attitude is that she’s cheating? Do you feel your husband/boyfriend lying to you about their whereabouts? Any secret calls all of a sudden?

Jumping to grab the phone when a text message beeps?

If you’re seeing any of those classic signs of cheating, then you need to make sure if your beloved is actually cheating on you.

The best way to do that is using the app to track and monitor their phone activity so that you can collect evidence of their affairs and escapades.


b) Track your Children’s iPhone

You certainly wish to keep a check on your child’s activities like every concerned parent does. Like charity, monitoring begins at home – the most useful yet dangerous devices our children use today are their iPhones – especially if left unchecked.

To make sure your child doesn’t become a victim of cyber bullying, find out who your child communicates with via text and social media and what they disclose about themselves via the internet, start monitoring their iPhones with StealthGenie.

Through its remote monitoring features, be aware of exactly where they are, with whom and doing what to make sure they’re safe when out of your sight.


c) Keep Track of your Employees

Have you considered if your most trusted employee is selling out confidential information to your competitors?

Are your employees are misusing company’s provided phones for too many personal calls? Do you feel they’re using the company’s data packages for extensive personal instant messaging?

Start surveillance of their company’s phones with this stealth tracking app, today and save the tomorrow of your business.



No need to hire any more private detectives and stalking is toh-tal-lee out of question. Make your life easier with this next generation, powerful solution to all your tracking needs.

With an undetectable iPhone tracking app like StealthGenie, tracking somebody else’s iPhone secretly is no more the endeavour it used to be in the past.

Haven’t seen a better offer, right?

Get this iPhone Tracking App and Secretly Track an iPhone

Price: $7.99/month

Is your husband having an affair? Let’s know for sure

how do i know my husband is having an affair

When you suspect that your husband is having an affair and talks someone else in your absence; you have the right to know the truth.

Yes, women guts are true most of the time especially about their men. You want to confront your husband but still a bit unsure whether you are right or not? You are suspicious about his behavior?

Romance is not in the air anymore but how to fix it all or how to be certain that your instincts are not lying to you?

Well ladies! We might have just the right way to spot the truth out through these signs mentioned below; just note down and observe.

Signs to know for sure he is cheating on you

1. Check his spending

For a wife; a man won’t be spending too much on regular meals and gifts. But for a hot romantic affair with someone else who is more special than you, well there are going to be several dinners. 

He most probably is buying flowers or even jewellery piece to make that woman happy. Worry if he has bought an apartment for her. See the credit card bills girls!

2. Check the change in his schedule

A perfect guy who comes home after work to spend some time with you and now that is history. He is spending extra time at work or having meetings after office hours. He is making excuses to go out for minor chores.

You really have a reason to doubt here that he might be loaning your time to someone else!

3. Update in style or his dressing

He is more than casual with you when he dresses up and now he takes special time in getting ready. Got a new hair cut and bought some new clothes, even hitting the gym to be fit?

How about the feeling you will have when you know all this is not to impress you because he isn’t discussing the new style mantra with you or asking about your review on his new look?

4. Call him unexpectedly

If you have doubts that you guy might not be at a meeting or he told you he is going to be friends this night but that doesn’t satisfy your instinct. Well call him and concentrate on the background noises. It is easy to identify whether the noises are similar to a work area or not.

You will hear the gang laughing or discussing something if he is really with his friends.

5. The best of all! Listen to what his friends have to say over a dinner

Last week he said he is going to be with a friend or won’t be in town and going for hiking with one of them. Wait till that friend comes over for a dinner next week or within that month and listen what he has to say.

Be aware girls if the friend is complaining to your guy ‘Long time, no See’.

6. Send a surprise gift at work

Maybe some flowers with no name card on it and purchased via cash or maybe a nice pen. Get them delivered to him at work; and if he comes home and asks you about it. That means he is still your guy but if he doesn’t well the red flag is on you.

7. Monitor their cell phone

He always put his phone on airplane mode when you have it? Probably because he doesn’t want you to get any new messages from his new love interest!

Then he takes his phone with him every time he goes to the washroom; c’mon what is he hiding in there. His phone’s battery is usually low/dead?

You text him but he doesn’t reply back and later puts the blame on you for being stalky? Are there numbers that are not saved under any name?

He freaks out every time you grab his cell phone as if the phone will explode. Yes, I know that makes us have goose bumps and raise questions that blow our mind every time we think why he does that.

Girls! Get an app installed in his phone to monitor all his activities and see for yourself what is he up to…


Solution to catch him with solid proof – Online

You have all your doubts and know somewhere deep inside that your guy isn’t yours anymore. But you don’t want to be fooled or get dumped before he gets the guts to do it.

Maybe you are thinking of fixing it and sorting out the issues that led him to have an affair. Maybe the affair isn’t an affair after all.

But how to be so sure and how to take the initial step if you don’t have evidence to confront him?


Cheating Spouse Spy App

The perfect solution to clear your doubts and to dig out the truth is installing spy software to your guy’s phone. Monitor all his activities through your account from any PC or cell phone.

Whether he is cheating on you or not; you can know all from his IM’s, emails, GPS locations, social networking logs, text messages and call records (both sent/dialed and received).

You can check his gallery for the new images (if he has taken any with that girl). You will have all the proof you need to confront him before he hurts you even more by dumping you.



You might want to go with one of the best spy software apps StealthGenie’ which is compatible for all OS phones and the price plans suits everyone with features that won’t let you down when you plan to spy on your guy.

Just install it on the target phone and monitor everything online.

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Here is How to Survive Infidelity without Damaging Yourself?


Infidelity from your spouse

The loss of a loved one is hard to deal with and it’s harder when we have lost that loved one to another person rather than the “white light”.

Infidelity from a spouse is among the most damaging experiences of human existence, as Psychology concludes and it’s easy enough to understand why. We’re baffled and devastated when the one person who we believe to be “The One”, the right choice, turns out to be quite the opposite of that.

More than 50% spouses face infidelity from their partners and which means that one spouse in marital relationship will suffer this greatest pain.

When the person we dream to build our life with, our hopes and aspirations leaves us midway to build his/her own kingdom of dreams with someone else. Take it from someone who knows, the grief is crippling.


Bearing the Brunt of Somebody Else’s Mistakes

What’s worse is that the greater majority of these cheating episodes occur when you least expect them – midway between the path you and your spouse took together, leaving you alone to bear the brunt of the road or trying to make things work with your cheating spouse like a badly oiled, creaking axle.

At a time when you believe you’re settled down for good, coming to terms with the disrespect that comes with cheating can be destructive for your self-esteem and that’s exactly why you need to know how to look in the mirror and not see the embodiment of your spouse’s reasons for cheating, to not blame yourself for their wrong choices.


Mirrors can lie if you’ll believe them

It’s very common for a cheating spouse to try and turn the tables at you to cover up for their own guilt.

They try to make you feel like you’re responsible for their betrayal. Even more unfortunate than their lack of faithfulness and sense of responsibility for their mistakes is that they use the lows of your self-esteem to make you feel like the flaws you see in yourself are the reasons why they had the right to cheat on you! DON’T and DON’T EVER fall into that trap.


I can’t emphasize this enough because once you begin to question yourself you will only go further down the spiral of self-doubt until you will see the lies staring back at you in the mirror as the truth.

You’re Not Responsible!

Your spouse did not cheat on you because you may not be thin enough, beautiful enough or compliant enough. Those are just trashy excuses that you only care to believe because you had those misgivings about your self-image.

Your spouse is just playing upon that fact to make you feel like you’re the one at fault, because in their twisted cheating minds they believe that if you feel responsible, you’ll easily forgive them and move on and everything will go back to rainbows and butterflies. YOU can and SHOULD draw the line here.

The Real Battle: Saving Self-Esteem

They’ve struck you with the deadliest weapon of cheating and made it worse by giving you all the credits. It’s time to strike back while holding your ground. Grab hold of an amazing cheating spouse spy app and start collecting evidence of their misdeeds.

Spy on their calls, texts, emails and social media, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Whatsapp chats and catch them red-handed – For full details on features visit their website.



The next time they try to make you feel guilty, draw out the evidence and stop them in their tracks. Then YOU take the lead, you decide if your relationship is worth another chance or you’re better off parting ways.

Take control of your relationship and save yourself from grief.

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