Seize and stack your MAC! Aobo – The Keylogger for MAC


Aobo Keylogger for Mac

After having tested the Aobo Keylogger for MAC myself, I have decided to leave a review for those of you who are looking for a keylogger for MAC computer. Previously, I’ve reviewed keylogger for iPhone iPad to keep your child safe online.

This comprises of both your MAC computer at home and the ones that you keep in your office for the usage of your employees. This is your one way ticket to knowing exactly what goes on onto your MAC computers.


Why I needed a Keylogger for MAC

As far as I have learned, the Aobo Keylogger for MAC can help you in more ways than one.

The primary reason why I chose to try this was to log the activities of my child on his MAC computer. I was whacked of having him on his MAC computer all day long, but I never felt compelled to take such an action until I felt an unexpected change in his conduct.

The first thing that came to my mind was to confront him. This action only made him bring up his walls. Thus, I realized that something had to be done. I was not new to the concept of keylogging and so I jumped to it instantly.

As my child uses a MAC, this was the doorway that I was looking for. If you can relate to this then you need the Aobo Keylogger for MAC too.  

Apart from having to keep tabs on my child, I also needed to keep tabs on myself. Having a hectic routine, I needed constant backup of my data. This technology helps me record everything that is important to me on my MAC.


Why the Aobo Keylogger for MAC?

The Aobo Keylogger for MAC provides the following features:

  1.      It runs in background
  2.      It takes screenshots from your MAC
  3.      It helps you view all social media activities taking place on a MAC
  4.      It logs passwords and sets a password to protect them
  5.      Instant messages can be viewed/logged
  6.       It logs every website visited
  7.       It can help track IP addresses
  8.       You can get complete logs by E-mail/FTP
  9.       It lets you monitor YouTube activity
  10.       It offers free trial and 24/7 live chat support


How to install the Aobo Keylogger for MAC?

This software can easily be downloaded and installed on your MAC by following a few step by step instructions. It lets you configure your settings according to your preference and will run every time the MAC starts and will simultaneously monitor every activity taking place. You can access all the information remotely on any computer or mobile phone connected to the internet.

The Aobo Keylogger for MAC currently also has a limited time discount of 10% on the purchase of this software. It lets you have a free trial before you can purchase it. Also, it supports multiple-user monitoring. This means that if you have more than one user on the target MAC computer, this software will sync it for you.


The Aobo Keylogger for MAC to monitor your employees

Another use of the Aobo Keylogger for MAC seems to help you keep a check on your employees at your office. Every company has employees slacking around, wasting time, misusing company data and there are even those that leak information to the outside world.

If this is something that concerns you then you should install the Aobo Keylogger onto your office MAC computers and keep a constant check and balance on the activities taking place by your employees. This can also help you know who is working with efficiency and who deserves a raise.

For further details, you can contact the website here>>

They offer a 30-Day money back guarantee, although I won’t be needing one. Hopefully you won’t either.